Classes & Workshops

With the current situation of COVID-19, classes are schedule to change. All times are PST. Outdoor classes are socially distanced and will reflect current Alameda County health declarations. If you are interested in hosting a pop-up class, series, or workshop, please get in touch.

Lower Body Strength

Online; 45 minutes; Every Tuesday at 5:15p
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In this class we'll work through a lower-body strength circuit focusing on strength, stability, balance and fluidity. Expect both bilateral and unilateral squat work, exercises to isolate the various muscles of your legs and hips, standing balance work, hip mobility drills, and active flexibility, all with an attention paid to making those legs work like they never have before. While this class will offer scalable progressions for more difficult exercises, it is recommended that as a bare minimum you have a comfortable flat footed full squat (think ass to grass).

Intermediate Handstands

In-Person & Outdoors; 1 hour;
Next Available Sessions:
Wednesdays at 5:15p, 10/7/20-10/28/20
Thursdays at 5:15p, 10/8/20-10/29/20
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Level up your handstands in this intermediate level handstand class! Work towards holding a freestanding handstand, learning how to make shapes with your legs, and different ways in and out of a handstand. We'll work on developing postural stability on the wall and then move towards carrying that knowledge to the middle of the room. A basic understanding of how to kick up towards a handstand (but not necessarily being able to hold it) is a prerequisite for this class.

Mobility Flow: Soft Acrobatic Sequencing & Ground Movement

In-Person & Outdoors; 90 minutes;
Next Available Session:
Thursdays 1:00p, 10/01/20-10/15/20, with an optional/drop-in further integration session on 10/22/20
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In this three week workshops series we will explore the world of soft-acrobatics and ground movement. What is soft acrobatics? The Greek word for acrobatics translates literally to "walk on the extremities." While often the idea of "acrobatics" recalls gymnastic-style flips or circus tumbling, soft acrobatics explores movement patterns that, once familiar, can be performed safely on any surface, not just the matted floors of gyms. These movements will still involve inversions and weight shifting, and can offer what feels like freedom from the general laws of gravity.

We'll start each class by warming up our bodies and moving through our joints to explore our full range of motion before training dynamic compound movements exploring how our bodies can holistically move through space. After this we'll start navigating ways to cross from one side of a space to another, exploring movement patterns from contemporary dance, capoeira, gymnastics and "movement culture." Once we've explored a number of different patterns, we'll look at transitions and level changing, considering ways we can string various 'moves' together into a single, flowing sequence.

As this course is not intended to focus on the absolute basics of acrobatics & will not always be taught on safety-mats, we recommend, as a prerequisite, you be comfortable performing a cartwheel and a kick-up to a handstand (no hold necessary) on a concrete surface. This class will involve an abundance of placing weight on your hands.

Online Coaching & Privates

I am available for a variety of services to help you either meet your skill-based fitness goals or to develop a functional pattern/program to your training that helps maximize progress towards these goals. I work best with individuals who have a specific idea of what they are interested in accomplishing with their body, rather than those with vague "general fitness" goals. If you are at the very beginning of your movement journey and are hoping to establish a general, non-skill-oriented level of fitness, or to approach rehabilitation needs that are standing in the way of your skill-based fitness goals, I recommend reaching out to Ryan at Turtle Power Fitness.

To schedule a private or discuss online training, please reach out via email.


Price: $75/hr in person, $55/hr online
Free initial 15min online consultation (if needed)
Discounts available when purchasing multiple hours at once

Private, one-on-one sessions are best suited to the following desires:
  1. You are interested in taking the initial steps toward a specific skill or progressing past a plateau. We can figure out how to meet your body where it currently stands, and target the right exercises that will give you the most "bang for your buck" on your journey. Sometimes beginning or overcoming a plateau in skill-work requires overcoming weak links (i.e., there are specific strength or mobility roadblocks to overcome)
  2. You are already widely physically active & are interested in learning a skill (handstand, drop-back to bridge, macaco, etc.). You are self-motivated to put in the work regularly, with or without a regimented training program.
  3. You are interested in refining your training, in exploring specific exercises to help achieve your goals, or you need explicit visual/cue-based or tactile/proprioception-based feedback to help progress.
  4. If you are already working with a training program you have designed for yourself, I am available for consultation to help you maximize your goals and make your training more efficient.

Online Coaching

Limited number of spots available
Price: Scales depending upon needs, $120/month & up
Free initial 15min online consultation required
Coaching includes individualized training program, video feedback through email, and a set number of online meetings

I specialize in programming that allows for the integration of many modalities (based on personal experience and evidence-based research). If you are having a hard time figuring out how to schedule skill-specific work, strength training, mobility work, and dance practice all within the same period, I want to help you! I am interested in taking on students that have a specific goal in their physical training that goes beyond training for the sake of training—I recommend exploring the rest of this site and the blog to get a better understanding of what this means. If this sounds like you, please reach out!


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