Digital Photographs, 2020
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Early on in my time dedicated to a regular yoga practice, a teacher said something that for many other students perhaps seemed insignificant, but to me felt so monumental that as soon as the class was complete I had to run out of the room to scribble the quote down in my notebook. She said, "the asanas are portals to experience."

To me this became the first synapse-firing connection between the position of the body and an idea of something beyond mere positioning. Beyond yoga, in my continuing studies of Grotowski's post-theatrical work, Gurdjieff's sacred dance, and ideology surrounding embodied movement throughout cultures and history, I've come to accept the idea that sometimes the shapes one can put their body achieve something more than mere aesthetic notation.

This on-going series explores shapes/postures/isometrics that I find satisfying and challenging on multiple planes, from pure aeshetic consideration to necessity of mental fortitude. As my practice progresses there's a level where I am constantly in search of new portals, and this series documents that evolving continuum.

From Sun to Night

Video, 8m24s; 2019
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The body in movement from the blinding light of the sun to the nudity of the black night. Short performance for video made in tangent with the release of Experimental Men, a book published by Inside the Castle.


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