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I am currently teaching weekly classes at The Athletic Playground in Emeryville, CA, and Great Western Power Co., a Touchstone Climbing Gym in Oakland, CA.

All classes at The Athletic Playground require registration ahead of time, visit The Athletic Playground website and click on "Class Schedule" to sign up for drop-in classes or "Workshop Schedule" for class-series.

Classes at Great Western Power Co. are free for all members, or included within a $30 day pass for Non-Members.

If you have any questions/problems/inquiries feel free to shoot me an email at mike(at) and I will do my best to answer promptly! In addition, I am available for one on one or small group private lessons.

Parkour & Freerunning
Sundays, 11-12:15p at The Athletic Playground
Reoccuring drop-in classes

Roll, vault, climb, flip, and learn how to express yourself while moving in space! While parkour traditionally invokes the idea of "moving as efficiently as possible from Point A to Point B," bringing up images of obstacle courses & American Ninja Warrior, in this class we will explore the fun & freedom that comes with learning how to expressively interact with your environment by using parkour and acrobatic skills! Class is structured with a full warm up, an exploration of several acrobatic/parkour skills, and time to "play." You will not only have the chance to learn new skills, but also encounter creative thinking problems where the goal is not to "solve" a problem, but rather to explore how to use your body to creatively engage with a space.

This class is appropriate for any range of skills, from a beginner who is ready to be challenged all the way to advanced practictioners who are looking to help break out of their regular patterns. While beginner appropriate, it is extremely helpful (but not required) to have some comfort with rolling, jumping and putting weight on your hands.
Ground Acrobatics
Sundays, 12:30-1:45p at The Athletic Playground
Reoccuring drop-in classes

Level up your ground-acrobatics skills in this all-levels class! Work on movement patterns (ranging from simple to complex) that involve jumping, inverting, spinning, balancing, and pushing. Following a thorough warm up and specific conditioning drills, we'll be addressing a different "trick" or "movement pattern" in each class. Examples of what we might be learning in class includes (but is not limited to) spins (raiz & btwist variations, off-axis movements), capoeira & pushing-related movements (cartwheel variations, au de frentes, macacos, reversaos), rolls (forward and backwards rolls, rifle rolls, inward 360 dive rolls) & much more.

While this class is suitable for all-levels, please note it may not be appropriate for absolute beginners. As a pre-requisite, it is recommended that you are comfortable with forward and backwards rolls and cartwheels before attending this class. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions about whether or not this class is a good fit for you!

How is this class different than the "Soft Acrobatics"? This class will spend its duration (or a consecutive number of classes) looking at individual "tricks" or movement patterns, whereas "Soft Acrobatics" looks at developing a "movement vocabulary" and sequencing movement patterns into longer lines and phrases. This class is an opportunity to work on tricks/movements that require more time spent on their own rather than in the context of being connected to other movement patterns.
Soft Acrobatics
Mondays, 6:45-8:15p at The Athletic Playground
4 week series, starting anew each month

Move your spine, put weight on your hands, go upside down! Looking for new ways to move your body? In this 4 week, 90 minutes class series we will explore basic acrobatic patterns that allow us to move our bodies through space. The movement patterns we'll be exploring come from a variety of disciplines (Capoeira, Gymnastics, Contemporary Dance, various Ground Acrobatics) and are intended to be accessible and open, meaning that with practice we'll be able to start building connected sequences, discovering how individual moves can flow into others. We will learn how to access these movement patterns in ways that allow a sustainable practice, building strength and mobility through engagement with the flow state.

This class is taught progressively over 4 weeks. While there is some wiggle room, it is highly recommended you do not miss the first class in the series as we will build upon the basics covered in class one over the remaining classes of each month. Similarly, the final (4th) class of each month teaches content that is dependent upon you having built up a variety of skills in the first three weeks so is not drop-in friendly (unless you've taken a past iteration of this series!).

While this class is appropriate for all levels, please note that this class moves at a very fast pace. Having some familiarity with putting weight on your hands (such as in a cartwheel or handstand) and rolling (forwards and backwards from shoulder to opposing hip) will allow you to progress through the classes' content easier, though we do visit and address the absolute basics as well!

Each 4-week series is different than the last with different (but overlapping) content, so on-going participation is encouraged, and is the best way to deepen your practice.

Movement Lab
Tuesdays, 6:55-8:10p at The Athletic Playground
Reoccuring drop-in classes

Movement Lab is an experimental & experiential class that aims to use exploration to aid in developing body intelligence. In a world where even physical activity can feel like it's become a rote part of our daily routine, rediscovering the abundance of diverse ways to move our body can help us break out of stasis and rediscover the true joy that movement can provide. This class is accessible to all levels of movers looking to explore the ways their body can work.
Intermediate Handstands
Wednesdays, 5:45-6:45p at The Athletic Playground
4 week series recommended, but drop-in classes are available

Level up your handstands in this intermediate level handstand class! Work towards holding a freestanding handstand, learning how to make shapes with your legs, and different ways in and out of a handstand. We'll work on developing postural stability on the wall and then move towards carrying that knowledge to the middle of the room. A basic understanding of how to kick up towards a handstand (but not necessarily being able to hold it) is a prerequisite for this class.

Intermediate, for this class, means that you have a basic understanding of how to kick up towards a handstand (with or without being able to hold it), and that you feel comfortable supporting yourself in a chest to wall hold.
Thursdays, 6-7:15p at Great Western Power Co.
Reoccuring drop-in classes

Strength, Mobility, Balance, Resilience, Arching, Coordination, Explosivity, Adaptability. If you're looking to develop physical adaptability and body intelligence, movement and acrobatic conditioning might be what's right for you. This class will borrow elements from active flexibility & mobility training, gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, dance, handstands, strength training, and more to explore the universe of human movement patterns. A typical class will follow the start with a thorough warm-up & conditioning drills, followed by locomotion & soft acrobatic work, ending with some balance drills and a cool down.
Mike Kitchell, 2020-2022